Your Spiritual Journey

Know God

We begin with knowing God by beginning a relationship with Jesus. This relationship starts with us recognizing that we have willfully sinned against a good and holy God, and that no effort or amount of good works we can do will make up for that sin. But God, in His great love, sent His Son Jesus to live a perfect life, take on our punishment for sin on the cross, and raising back to life. When we put our faith in Jesus and what He has done to pay for our sin, we begin a relationship with Him and are completely forgiven of our sin. From this point we are disciples of Jesus and grow in that relationship personally, through prayer and bible study. 

Grow In Community

Knowing God personally and studying His Word on our own is just the start to a joyful life in Christ. We are not meant live out the Christian life alone. Growing in our Christian life happens best when we do it together.  We do this through corporate worship, small group discipleship, fellowship and serving alongside one another. At Pleasant Hill we hope you will join us as we Grow In Community.

Live Generously

As Christians we are called to live generously. Living generously goes beyond monetary gifts. It is willingly using the resources, talents, and time God has given us for His glory and the building up of His church. 

Go Sent

Because of the great gift of salvation we have been given we are called to make sure others know about this wonderful gift. To "Go Sent" is to live with a missional heart that desires to live out and share the gospel with everyone we meet.