Cross Training Sports Camps allow volunteers to enter any community and set up sports and sound equipment, snacks, and treats for a day of camp.  The rotation model allows children to form different groups to learn sports like soccer, softball, volleyball and group games. One rotation is “cross training”; in this group campers hear Bible stories and Christian teachings.

Because sports and games are a universal language, children are drawn into the excitement and communities are open to our programs. Rather than competition, our leaders and volunteers stress encouragement, cooperation, sportsmanship and team-building in the context of Christian principles.
Individuals, youth groups and church members serve as volunteers who lead camps.  The Cross Training Sports Camps ministry provides training, leadership, and equipment.
If you would like your child to participate in Cross Training Sports Camp please download the registration and medical release forms below:
If you would like to volunteer for Crossing Training Sports Camp please follow the link below and click “McEver Elementary”: